410 West Georgia Street

LMDG provided building code services to Westbank’s Vancouver-based commercial office project Deloitte Summit tower at 410 West Georgia Street. The 24-storey signature landmark building features several clusters of four-storey steel-framed cubes arranged around a central concrete core–serving as a kind of living urban sculpture. The building is a playful grouping of reflective yet transparent stacked boxes—each box contains four floors and its width is roughly equivalent to its height. The office interiors boast glass floors overlooking the city, roof terraces under overhanging volumes, vertical gardens framing views of the mountains and the largest rooftop amenity in the city.

The project is designed to adapt to the new changing demands of the modern workplace. The cluster of boxes create natural compartments within a continuous floorplate, allowing offices to be partitioned while also staying close to the façade. The cantilevering floors and ceilings are glazed to visually link the garden, the offices, and the street below. The resulting diversity of spaces is complemented by the diversity of views and sense of open  transparency. The uniquely assembled jagged floor plan allows more light to penetrate the offices, while offering flexibility and versatility of future office layouts and configurations. 

Photo renderings by Hayes Davidson, courtesy of Westbank Projects Corp. and photography by Graham Handford, courtesy of Westbank Projects Corp.

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