Our Values

LMDG works hard to live our values every day.

Our diverse team plays an important role in our success and ultimately our clients’ success.

Our Mission:

To achieve excellence in providing innovative and practical code compliance solutions as a team-oriented, collaborative company with leading edge expertise in technology, codes, and regulations.

We encourage innovative solutions through effective communication. This begins with listening carefully—to genuinely understand our clients needs—and then working in true collaboration to deliver results. 

We are engaged with our sector and the wider construction community. We participate in the development of safe, innovative solutions, provide input on code changes and actively work within our industry to make buildings better and safer.

We aspire to be leaders in our field and key contributors on pivotal projects and teams. We strive to lead by example and serve as humble, thoughtful leaders in our business community.

We foster strong relationships with our clients and colleagues. When faced with challenges we tackle them with empathy and look for win-win solutions.  

We stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and new trends within our field. We think outside the box when it comes to meeting code requirements through alternative methods. 

Accessibility and universal design are at the core of what we do—going beyond the minimum requirements whenever possible, to help create buildings that are welcoming to and inclusive of all its occupants.

We strive for excellence in the delivery of our services, never cutting corners. We measure client satisfaction through surveys and feedback methods, to ensure we are achieving a high level of service.

We have a growth mindset, and work hard to attract, retain and support the careers of our employees. And when we encounter problems or things we could do better, we learn from these challenges, and see them as opportunities for growth.  

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