Whether it’s assessing the feasibility of a project before you get started  or providing building code and life safety services for your entire project—from concept to completion—LMDG’s expert team offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Thinking Outside the Box | We identify, develop, negotiate and certify alternative compliance approaches to building code requirements.

Pinch Hit  |  We provide services as an Independent Professional to perform building code compliance reviews for the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)  or assist the AHJ where they lack technical resources or expertise. We currently are providing this service at Toronto Pearson International Airport and the University of British Columbia,  Hamilton International Airport, Squamish First Nation, and BC Place Stadium.

We Can Guide You | In participating municipalities, the Certified Professional (CP) program is an alternate building permit process that facilitates the issuance of building and occupancy permits by completing the reviews and inspections typically provided by the municipal building department. Significant benefits of this process include time savings in obtaining building and occupancy permits, including staged permits.

Let Us Draw You a Picture | We prepare code compliance drawings in addition to building code reports to demonstrate compliance with applicable codes, standards and regulations. The code compliance drawings include the location of fire separations, travel distances, occupant load, exit capacities and building code concepts applicable to the project.

Virtual Reality, Real Solutions  | Our team of building code and fire protection professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in various leading-edge Fire & Smoke Modelling Programs and Timed Exit Analysis tools, including fire zone modelling, CFD fire and smoke modelling, and detailed evacuation modelling (computerized exiting analysis); and have successfully used these tools to develop alternative solutions to building code compliance on numerous projects.

To the Drawing Board | LMDG performs drawing reviews of architectural drawings provided by the client during the schematic design and design development phases. LMDG works with the client to achieve compliance and address any issues prior to the client applying for permits.

Looking for an Upgrade? | We review existing buildings to identify noncompliant building code issues and determine the applicable upgrade requirements as required by the local building code. We determine where there is mandatory upgrading to buildings depending on the categories of work and upgrade levels that have been identified through our assessment.  

  • Prepare building code condition/assessment reports.
  • Advise the client on possible solutions and approaches in addressing building upgrades.
  • Meet, discuss and negotiate upgrade requirements with the authority having jurisdiction.

Meeting of the Minds | We present code compliance approaches to building departments and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction and negotiate acceptance of alternative solutions and building code concepts.

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