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Fire Protection, Life Safety + Accessibility Solutions: Code Compliance Analysis, Alternative Solutions, Negotiations with Building Departments, Certified Professional Services, Fire Modelling, Accessibility and more...

Identify, develop, negotiate and certify alternative compliance approaches to building code requirements.

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Develop performance-based fire and life safety design approaches for innovative building projects.

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Offers an alternative to the building permit process by completing the review and inspections role of the municipal building department.

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Design review and building condition assessment services.

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Over 30 years experience working with code and standards committees, and enforcement authorities.

Trusted Leader

Recognition as a credited authority negotiating acceptance of alternative solutions on major projects across the country.

Superior Service

Professional and efficient technical assistance

Technical Excellence

Quality deliverables that result in time/cost savings.

Professional Expertise

P.Eng.’s, CP’s, CET’s, AScT’s, FPET,…we have you covered.

Creative Diversity

LMDG provides consulting services to architects, engineers, building owners, developers, contractors, government agencies, insurers and lawyers.