Oakridge Park

LMDG provided building code services to Westbank Corp. and QuadReal’s Oakridge redevelopment project, one of the largest of its kind in Vancouver.  Guided by 15 years of planning, iterative design, and intensive public consultation, the estimated $5-billion dollar project is set to open its first phase in 2023 and with future phases being completed through 2025. The site sits on a rapid transit stop at the intersection of two major crosstown transportation corridors, connecting this new community to the city’s downtown, the airport and Metro Vancouver. Upon completion, the development would be home to about 6,000 people—and includes 2,000 condos, 290 market rental apartments and 290 affordable housing units. 

The nearly 10-acre park development will be a high-density, walkable, transit-friendly crossroads for work, shopping, recreation, food experiences and residential living. This includes nearly 100,000 square metres of retail including the Oakridge Kitchen—a curated culinary experience that captures the diversity of Vancouver as a multicultural global city. The project also includes civic services including what is set to be the city’s largest community centres and daycares, a public library, a world-class performing arts academy, multiple live music venues and numerous indoor and outdoor performance spaces.

Photos courtesy of Westbank Projects Corp.

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